JAJ.gr in cooperation with FightHoax.com is the first newsroom in Greece that will take advantage of new technologies such as Natural Language Understanding and Machine Learning. By using the FightHoax.com experimental platform JAJ.gr editors will be able to efficiently process most of the international news within seconds at 89% analysis success rate. They will therefore be able to instantly recognize and publish true news and warn their readers of fake news as well as to rate any political bias that may have influenced the way news is written or published.

Jaj.gr collaborates with Media Literacy Institute to support the idea that Democracy requires well-informed citizens and that Media Literacy is one of the most important ways to combat bias and hate speech, to promote the fundamental right of citizens to advisedly use traditional, modern and digital media, to promote critical understanding and responsible creation of multimedia content on any type of media (online or printed) and to assist users to develop the capacity to critically evaluate the source, creator and purpose of anything they read.

In this context, we embrace and promote News Literacy with the aim to empower readers and journalists to judge and control online and printed content and information on social media and to be able to distinguish news from misinformation, discriminatory content or propaganda. Technology is an ally for good journalists and readers.

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